Tree Services Harwich, MA Tree Removal, Pruning, Trimming, Stump Grinding

Tree Removal in Harwich Ma – 24/7 Emergency Service – Properly Insured – Phone (508) 398-0966

Want trees removed in Harwich? Baker & Sons Tree Work has been removing trees in Harwich since the 70s.

We can remove your trees having minimum effect on your landscaping. Our total tree chipper can chip the trees straight into our truck eliminating almost all the mess resulting from taking down trees.

Stump Grinding in Harwich Ma

Once the trees have been taken out, we will mill the tree stumps using our tree stump grinding machinery. Most often, the area in which the trees were will simply need a minor repair or just a bit of soil so that it will look like there were no trees there in the beginning. Tree stump grinding is definitely the lowest impact process to deal with undesired tree stumps.

Trimming and Tree Pruning Harwich Mass.

Baker Tree has been trimming trees in Harwich since 1975. A good tree maintenance regimen involves routine pruning of branches to ensure excellent tree wellness.

24 Hour/7 Day Urgent Service – Properly Insured – Phone (508) 398-0966

Serving all of Harwich including:

  • East Harwich
  • Harwich
  • Harwich Port
  • North Harwich
  • Pleasant Lake
  • South Harwich
  • West Harwich

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